Every ProTuff product is backed by an unconditional, no questions asked, unlimited free replacement, lifetime warranty. If it’s ProTuff, you know you’re protected (50% off replacements for commercial users).

You’re in good hands with ProTuff’s unconditional, no questions asked, unlimited free replacement Lifetime Warranty.

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Our super simple, 1-2-3 registration process could have you walking away with a 15% off coupon code, 2 free ebooks, guaranteed 3-day replacements and 60 “Freebie Friday” entries in less than 2 minutes.

1. Order ID

Enter the order ID to be registered. If you don’t have it, we can help you find it.

2. Email

Submit your email and enter the number code received for verification.

3. Shipping

Submit the address we should use for shipping future warranty replacements.

File a Claim

Rest assured, we will honor your warranty. There will be NO shipping cost, NO hoops to jump through, and NO required photos or proof. This will be the easiest warranty claim you’ve ever completed!

1. Email

Submit your email and enter the number code received for verification.

2. Order ID

Select the pre-registered order you’re filling a claim against to receive a replacement.

3. Shipping

Confirm or modify the address to ship to and choose FREE expedited or standard shipping.

What's covered under our lifetime warranty?


ProTuff Products are built to withstand whatever abuse you might throw at them and we’re confident that you will be happy with your purchase for many years to come. However, if your ProTuff Products item breaks, fails, tears, rips or otherwise fails to meet your expectations, simply notify us of your dissatisfaction. We will immediately send you a replacement part, replacement item or a full refund of your original purchase price.

Just provide an original order ID proving ownership and you’re eligible for a replacement or refund.


If you purchase a ProTuff Products item for commercial use, you have a 60 day, no questions asked, full refund policy. If you’re not happy, for any reason, we’ll refund your full purchase price within 60 days of your initial order date.

As a commercial user, you may purchase unlimited, no questions asked replacements at a 50% discount. If you need a replacement, simply contact ProTuff by phone or email. We will provide you with a 50% off discount code to purchase a replacement or a 50% refund following order delivery, at our discretion.



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Our customer service team is always ready to help!

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