Troubleshooting Your ProTuff Net

What Should the “Turned Front Lip” Look Like?


When you receive your new ProTuff pool rake/net, you may think, at first, that it has some sort of defect. The front lip is “turned out” and, in so doing, you’ll see, on the underside of the rake, that the plastic rim and the aluminum frame appear as if they are a bit “separated” near the corners.

I promise that this is not a design defect or shipping damage. It is part of the manufacturing process. As we turn that lip outward, it creates a situation where it is quite impossible for the rim/frame to remain tight near the front left and right “corners”.

Do not worry about it. It’s not broken, and it is not going to break easier because of it. Every one of our rakes ships this way and most customers get 3-5 seasons out of a rake before needing a free replacement under warranty. But, IF you ever had a problem with it, you are completely covered under warranty. Promise.

Please see the video below to see exactly what your rake SHOULD look like so you can verify that what you are seeing is typical (maybe you DID receive a rake with a defect or shipping damage, in which case you can simply submit a warranty claim, and we’ll hook you up.

Most Efficient Pool Rake/Net Technique


You will find that, with a pool pro-style rake, like the ProTuff unit, trying to utilize the “scraping motion” that is most often used with residential-style rakes will not be efficient. ProTuff customers, like the pool pros that use our rakes, find that they are 2-3X more efficient using more of a “tight push-broom” technique with our rake.

You’re using short forward strokes where you give a quick forward stroke, a slight lift of the rake, a short pull back toward yourself, back to the floor, and then another forward motion. Think of how a push broom is most efficiently used, and we’re describing the same motion, but with somewhat shorter strokes.

The first forward motion stirs the debris just a bit by creating a small “water eddy”. Then, the second forward stroke catches all of that debris that was stirred up on the first stroke. You can see the technique shown in the video below. It sounds much more complicated than it is. Most customers get VERY comfortable with the motion quite quickly, and, once they do, they find they can clean the bottom of the pool much more quickly than they ever have before.


V-Clip Butterfly Clip Replacement


If you have broken or lost your V-clip (butterfly clip) or your rake arrived with a broken or missing V-clip, be sure to submit a warranty claim so that we can send you a replacement, free of charge. But, if there is potentially any confusion over exactly how to remove and/or re-install the V-clip, the video below shows how it is done.


Other Issues: Holes, Breaks, Bends, Etc.

Anything else that is a defect or damage (whether our fault, your fault, or nobody’s fault) falls under the ProTuff unlimited replacement or refund warranty. So, if you’ve got any of the following:

  • A hole in your net
  • A ripped, torn, or separated seam
  • The netting is coming away from the rim
  • The plastic rim is broken or degraded
  • The aluminum frame is bent or broken
  • The handle is broken
  • There is a part missing (such as the V-clip
  • Any other damage or defect

Please file a warranty claim so that we can get you taken care of as quickly as possible. The claims process takes just a couple of minutes and is completely automated. You could have a new item or replacement shipped out to you today – completely free of charge.



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