Troubleshooting Your ProTuff Pool Pole

If you’re having an issue with your ProTuff pool pole, chances are, it can be solved with a bit of troubleshooting. And, of course, if it can’t, we encourage you to file a warranty claim ASAP (it’s super quick, simple, automated) so that we can get a new pole or replacement part out to you right away.

You can walk through our complete PDF pool pole troubleshooting guide:

PDF Pool Pole Troubleshooting Guide

Extension, Retraction & Other Problems


There are a number of reasons that you could experience troubles with your pole. The following video will discuss a number of them and mention some potential solutions that you could try to solve them in just a few minutes, rather than filing a claim and waiting for days for the replacement to show up.

Dis/Reassembly of Your ProTuff Pole


Many pole malfunctions (and, especially, locking mechanism malfunctions) can be quickly solved with a quick disassembly and reassembly of the locking mechanism and/or pole. Believe it or not, it’s actually a pretty quick and simple process, and the video below shows exactly how it can be done.

It’s also worth pointing out that the video provides alot of commentary and explanation. So, feel free to speed up the playback on the video or skip portions that you don’t need. Essentially, the video will tell you how to separate the locking mechanism from the tubing, which allows you to then separate the inner and outer tubes.

Then, it will show how to slide the locking mechanism off of the pole (so that it could be replaced in one unit, if necessary). It will also show how to disassemble and reassemble the locking mechanism itself (since this can often-times restore function to a faulty mechanism).


Troubles With Attaching Tools to the Pole


The following video discusses our stainless steel threaded adapter, which some customers do not realize can be removed. It is intended to provide the option of attaching other, non-pool related tools such as dusters, squeegees, broom heads, etc. But, it must be removed in order to attach pool tools which do not connect via a threaded connection.

The video also discusses the situation where the handle of one of your pool tools possibly does not insert properly into the end of our pole, in which case you might need to submit a warranty claim in order to receive our free expansion adapter, which allows for the use of other, larger handled pool tools.

Filing a Warranty Claim


If you’ve walked through our troubleshooting guide and taken a look at our troubleshooting videos and you still can’t solve your problem, by all means, take a couple minutes to submit your warranty claim using the button below. It is a super quick, simple process that is, in the vast majority of cases, completely automated. You’ll likely have a new unit or part in your hands within a few days to a week, at no cost to you. Promise there will be no hoops to jump through.



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