Troubleshooting Your Pole Hangers

There’s not much to troubleshoot here, but, if you’re having trouble with installation or damage/defect with regards to your ProTuff pool pole hangers, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll get you taken care of.

Installation Instructions & Info

Not much to say here. If you’re ready to install your ProTuff pool pole hangers, but you want to make sure you get it right the first time, the video below should help. Essentially, position your hangers on the surface to be installed on. You can use a bullet level placed alongside each hanger to make sure it is vertically plumb. Mark the center of both holes with a pencil. Do the same for the other hanger bracket, spaced appropriately far from the first so that poles will hang, roughly, level.

Once your holes are marked, you’ll want to drill pilot holes in the material. For softwood and vinyl applications, drill a 7/64″ pilot hole. For hardwood applications, you’ll want an 11/64″ pilot hole. Alternatively, if installing on a cement or tile surface, you’ll likely want to purchase screw anchors, and you’ll need to drill pilot holes of the size recommended in the screw anchor instructions.

With pilot holes drilled, insert your screw anchors, if necessary. Then, set your pool pole hanger bracket over the top of the holes and use the provided stainless steel screws (or, if you’re using screw anchors, use the screws provided with the anchors) and screw them in until the screw heads are flush with the surface of the pole hanger.

Once the screws are set in both holes of each hanger, you’re all set.

Problems With Your Pole Hangers

Generally, the only likely problem that you could encounter with your pole hangers would be lost or missing screws or potential rusting of components (very rare). In the case of lost or missing parts, simply file a warranty claim and we’ll get those parts out to you right away, free of charge. Likewise, if you’ve overloaded the hangers with too much weight, you could cause bending of a hanger. If that occurs, you may also file a warranty claim to receive a replacement hanger.

If you are not missing parts, and your hanger is not bent, then, chances are, the only other problem you might face would be the potential rusting of your screws or the hangers themselves. All portions of your pole hangers are manufactured out of high-quality 316 stainless steel, which is very corrosion-resistant (but not impervious to corrosion due to excessive chemical exposure). Thus, if you are seeing rusting of any component, it could be a sign that your pool chemistry is not properly balanced.

Of course, we will still send you a replacement part under warranty, if you need it. Simply submit your claim at and we’ll drop you a new part right away. But, our recommendation would be to make sure you are regularly testing all critical aspects of your pool water chemistry and adjusting as necessary. If the balance is off far enough to cause corrosion of your 316 stainless steel pole hangers, it may also be causing degradation of other pool components and/or skin irritation or other problems for swimmers.



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