What Are Our Pool Equipment Parts Made Of?

As a swimming pool owner, you know that when it comes to achieving that crystal-clear water for a relaxing swim, you have to put in the time and dedication to clean and maintain it. You likely also realize that quality pool equipment is required to get the job done right. After all, your pool is an investment, and the better you take care of it, the more you will enjoy it. 

To protect your investment, you need to be diligent about keeping the water clean and the pool equipment properly functioning. To do this, you need pool cleaning equipment that is durable and reliable, and of course, you need to know what not to do with pool tools to make sure they continue to work correctly. 

Fortunately, at ProTuff Products, we understand the need for high-quality, long-lasting products that deliver what you need when you need them. Here’s what to know about our equipment parts. 

Why Long-Lasting Matters to Us


Long-lasting swimming pool cleaning equipment is important to ProTuff Products because our company chooses to focus on you. As our customers, your loyalty makes us the company we are, and we would not exist without you. We are passionate about creating the best swimming pool cleaning equipment because we know that is what you need to make pool ownership a more enjoyable experience. 

We know that when we deliver what you need and even surpass your expectations, it makes you happy. When you are satisfied with our products and service, we benefit from your positive reviews and recommendations to your friends, family, and neighbors. This is a win-win situation for pool owners and our company. 

Our goal is not to continuously sell regular pool products – any company can do that. Our goal is to create a superior product that you love, and that is useful to you. That is why we focus not just on making the best pool cleaning equipment possible but also on providing you with a lifetime warranty.

Our products are built to last because we do not want to sell you something you have to throw away every season. However, if, for any reason, you find yourself unsatisfied with your purchase, the ProTuff Product lifetime warranty will fully refund your purchase or replace it with a brand-new item. This warranty covers breaks, rips, tears, loss, or any situation in which our product is not meeting your expectations. 

When we do not meet your expectations, we do not meet our standards. We will make it right at no extra cost to you. While our warranty for personal and commercial customers is slightly different, it is still unparalleled by any other company in the industry. 

What Are ProTuff Products Actually Made Of?


We want you to know what our pool cleaning equipment parts are made of and what that means for you and your overall pool cleaning experience. You deserve to know everything about what you buy when investing in ProTuff Products. When you purchase quality products made with the best materials, you are getting your money’s worth and ensuring that you will not be throwing products away every season. 

Pool Rakes/Nets and Flat Skimmers


We specialize in pool cleaning products, so we recognize the features of a good pool skimmer. We know how much effort you need to put into your pool maintenance routine and how the pool skimmer plays a role in that. It is one of the most powerful and necessary tools in your arsenal. Regularly removing leaves and debris is essential for ensuring they do not decompose and contaminate your pool water by contributing to bacteria and algae growth or clogging the filtration system. 

Of course, your pool rake must be up to the task. ProTuff Products’ professional-grade pool skimmers, rakes, and nets will help you enjoy more time in the water because you are spending less time cleaning the water. The aluminum alloy frame is solid, so it will not break or twist as you skim for leaves and debris. 

It is also secured with a winged handle for additional stability. With a slight angle and straight sides, you can quickly scrape the side of the pool without worrying about scratches. The pool rake connects to a standard skimmer net pole. 

Our deep, double-stitched nets are made from heavy-duty nylon. The black nets are 24 mesh and are the perfect weave for skimming and scooping without adding “water drag” to slow you down. The white/silt net is 60 mesh, and in addition to regular debris, it can easily filter out silt, sand, and other small particles. 

Material Details


Metal frame: T6-6061 aluminum alloy

Plastic rim: HDPE80%+LLPE20%

Handle: Nylon or Polycarbonate, depending on the model

Netting: PA66 Nylon (24 mesh for the black net, 60 mesh for white/silt net)

Telescopic Pool Poles


For a pool vacuum pole or pool brush pole that lasts, our heavy-duty telescopic poles are made from a superior aluminum alloy. The patented “lock right” mechanism on our pool skimmer poles is spring-loaded with a stainless steel ring-pin technology designed to outperform the traditional twist lock mechanisms you find on cheaper telescopic poles. 

The ProTuff locking mechanism does not jam, get stuck, or accidentally collapse. It features a push button to unlock, which allows a smooth glide for adjusting the length of the pole. The aluminum is three times stronger than other poles and will not break, bend or crack. 

Our telescopic pool poles are precisely what you need for your pool net, skimmer, vacuum, or otherwise. You should skim your pool daily or at least multiple times a week. Vacuuming and scrubbing the swimming pool should also be done as part of your weekly maintenance. 

That means your pool pole is going to get a lot of use. It needs to hold up. The ProTuff Products telescopic pool pole is built to handle the most challenging jobs. 

Material Details


Inner & outer pole: T6-6061 aluminum alloy + HD oxidation

ACME threaded adapter: 316 Stainless Steel

Locking mechanism housing: Polycarbonate

Locking mechanism ring pins & buttons: 316 Stainless Steel 

Handle: Dupont TPV

Pool Brush 


When it is time to scrub down your swimming pool walls and steps, a quality pool brush is a must. A high-quality brush will make mundane tasks seem less tedious when used as part of your standard pool care routine. If you are doing extra cleanings because you are dealing with a problem like algae, a sturdy brush will be required. 

This is because you will need to thoroughly scrub the pool walls and floor to remove the algae from surfaces before you can treat the water. Our PBT bristles are the perfect stiffness, giving them excellent durability with just the right scrubbing power to clean tough stains while not damaging more delicate pool surfaces. 

Material Details


Handle: Aluminum

Main body: PA6 Nylon +30% embedded glass fiber

Red “plastic” parts: Polypropylene and ABS – durable and UV resistant

Bristles: PBT (polybutylene terephthalate)

Pole Hangers and Pole Hanger Screws


To keep your pool area tidy and safe between cleaning sessions, you need to keep your pool cleaning equipment properly stored. Leaving your pool rake lying around is a tripping hazard, but you can avoid that with our durable pole hangers. 

The ProTuff Products pole hangers are made with high-grade stainless steel, three times as strong as other brands’ materials. In addition, the stainless steel has maximum outdoor corrosion resistance, which helps minimize rust, pitting, and hazing. Unlike other materials, our stainless steel brackets won’t degrade under sunlight. 

They are simple to install and can be used on most surfaces, such as metal, wood, or vinyl fencing, tile walls, concrete, and more. Their versatility makes them ideal for nearly any backyard fence, storage building, garage, or another area. 

Material Details


Pole hangers and screws: 316 Stainless Steel

You Deserve Pool Equipment That Lasts Forever


ProTuff Products firmly believes in providing the customer with the best experience possible. This is not just something we say to get your attention – it is something we strive for in our product manufacturing and customer service. We understand that your time and money are valuable, and we want to maximize both while helping you also maximize the enjoyment you get from your swimming pool. 

We have found that by producing the highest quality pool cleaning products from the most durable materials, we provide you with the best, most resilient products. However, we know that things sometimes happen, which is why we stand behind the quality of our products with a lifetime warranty.

You get what you pay for, and you never have to pay twice when you buy our products. If something happens, we will make it right. To learn more about our products and lifetime warranty, contact us today to discover how ProTuff Products will never disappoint you. 

Disclaimer: Pool ownership and maintenance is very complicated, and we know every situation is unique. While we’ve done our best to cover the best practices here, we encourage you to reach out to ProTuff directly at [email protected] with any specific questions you may have.



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