A warranty should offer piece of mind. Unfortunately, many warranties do just the opposite. Rest assured, we WILL honor our promise.  No shipping cost, no hoops to jump through, and no required photos or proof necessary.  Honesty, you’ll wonder why all of your warranty claims aren’t this easy.

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There’s really not much to say here except, click the button below to be taken to our warranty management platform. If you never registered your warranty, you’ll need to register first.

Then, once your warranty is registered, you can immediately file your claim in just a few quick steps, and we’ll get your free replacement out to you ASAP.

IF you have any troubles at all with the automated system, don’t sweat it. Come back here and choose one of our many support options, and our warranty department will get you taken care of.

We’re NOT going to leave you hanging. Promise.

As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Rest assured, we will honor your warranty.  There will be no shipping cost, hoops to jump through, or required photos or proof necessary.  This will be the easiest warranty claim you’ve ever completed!

1. Email

Submit your email and enter the number code received for verification.

2. Order ID

Select the pre-registered order you’re filling a claim against to receive a replacement.

3. Shipping

Confirm or modify the address to ship to and choose FREE expedited or standard shipping.

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