5 Dream Pools We Love

Warmer weather is starting to settle in, and many homeowners are looking to fulfill the dream of pool ownership. With so many options for pools on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is the best option for your family. 

If you have some extra cash to burn and want to install something truly show-stopping, consider any of these five dream pool designs. 

When you select one of these pool designs for your home, you’re not only able to enjoy the simple aesthetics and a relaxing space that will help you decompress and unwind after a hard day, but it’s also an opportunity to increase the value of your home with a unique and stunning backyard oasis.

Things to consider before installing your dream pool

If you are considering taking things up a notch and installing a luxury pool, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Maintenance costs could be higher, depending on which type of pool you choose.
  • You could have to pay extra for landscaping, especially if you choose a freeform pool or other design that incorporates natural landscaping and earth elements.
  • You will want to have the right pool cleaning tools on hand. A ProTuff skimmer net is something that will help you keep the surface of your pool clean and free of debris, regardless of what type of pool you have. 
  • Consider investing in quality patio furniture and other decorative elements. After all, if you choose to install one of these dream pools, you will want to show it off at every opportunity! Make your pool a place that your family and friends will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Additionally, know that every contractor specializes in different types of pools, so do your research before hiring. Be sure to be transparent with the contractor about what you have in mind for your pool. With clear communication upfront, there will be less back and forth, and you’ll be more likely to end up with a pool that fulfills all your expectations. After all, no one wants to waste time or money, especially on an expensive project.

Modern pool designs

One of the trending pool designs of the year is a modern pool design, with lots of sleek edges and minimal decor. There are a million ways to style a modern pool, but many of the most popular modern pool designs include the use of geometric shapes.

Modern pools are a great option for homeowners who don’t have expansive backyards or a lot of extra space to work with since they generally look great at any size. Many modern pools come with a pool shelf, which is not only a great way to invite guests to unwind, but it’s also perfect if you have young children as a shallow play area for kids who aren’t ready to jump in the deep end just yet. 

To make your modern dream pool pop, choose a few mid-century modern furniture pieces, such as chic lounge chairs, to accent the pool and draw attention to its sleek design. 

5 Dream Pools We Love

Freeform pools

With a freeform pool, the possibilities are endless! Freeform pools are unique because they incorporate elements of the surrounding landscape, whether those elements are natural or manmade.

Freeform pools may be surrounded by boulders, waterfalls, fountains, and grottos, to create a one-of-a-kind, relaxing atmosphere that brings the feel of a Caribbean vacation right to your backyard. While freeform pools are truly stunning, they also tend to be on the high-end side as far as installation costs

5 Dream Pools We Love

They can also cost more to maintain due to the natural landscaping elements that surround them. These are all things to consider when determining what type of pool is right for your family and your budget. 

Infinity pools

If you have ever stayed at a luxury resort or hotel, you might have taken a dip in an infinity pool. This style pool is incredibly popular in the hotel and hospitality industry since the sleek design denotes beauty and simplicity. Infinity pools get their name from the way the water runs right to the edge of the pool, creating an effect that makes it appear as though the water goes on forever. 

Infinity pools are often referred to as “zero-edge pools” because of the visual trick that they play on the eyes, appearing to blend right into the skyline. Infinity pools function much like a waterfall, with water flowing down to a lower level.

5 Dream Pools We Love

From there, the water is pumped back into the upper basin of the pool, creating a continuous overflow. Although the overall effect of an infinity pool is beautiful, be forewarned it can be more expensive to install due to the catchment and recirculation systems. 

Swim spa pools

Having your dream pool doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a huge backyard or living space to work with. Some of the very best, most relaxing pools are designed to work with smaller spaces.

This is the case with swim spa pools, which feature installed jets that carry you along on a constantly-flowing current. Swim spas are a great way to get a good workout in and are often chosen by homeowners who have an interest in hydrotherapy and fitness.

5 Dream Pools We Love

Swim spa pools are highly customizable, and the right contractor will be able to craft the ideal option for your installation space. Typically, swim spa pools cost less than other dream pools on this list since they usually require fewer materials to install and can be made to fit a smaller space. If you want a luxurious pool without the luxurious price, you should look into getting a spa pool. 

A pool with a recessed lounge area

Many home pools have lounge areas on the deck and surrounding patio areas. However, if you want to have a dream pool that mimics the look and feel of the pools at the best vacation resorts, you can choose to have a recessed lounge area installed within the pool itself. This would sit on a platform, with steps leading you from the deck out to the lounge area, creating a peaceful oasis.

5 Dream Pools We Love

Design by Pool Builders Inc.; photo courtesy of Digital Wave Productions

A recessed lounge area can be fully customized to your specifications, so you can select the type of furniture you want to have in the lounge area, as well as how big you want the space to be. Try to have the lounge area built to overlook your pool, so that no matter how you choose to relax, you are always getting a peaceful view of your beautiful swimming area.   

Add special features to make your pool fabulous

If you have an understated pool area or want to install a pool that is a little more on the low-key side, it is still possible to add some dream pool-style touches to the area. Here are some special features that you can add to make your pool a luxurious space:

  • A diving board or waterfall feature. A diving board is a great option for families with children and teens.
  • Pool bubblers, little geysers that shoot water off the floor of your pool, are fun for young children and can help draw the eye to the shallow area of your pool. They are usually fairly inexpensive to install, giving you a good bang for your buck, although it’s important to keep in mind that any pool features that break the surface tension of the water will contribute to water loss and chemical evaporation, which could end up costing you more in the long run 
  • Stylish furniture and decor can elevate the pool and deck area. 
  • If you have an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool without any surrounding deck area, consider building a deck or patio. Not only does this enhance the space around your pool, but it provides you with an opportunity to showcase furniture and decor, which can further complement the area. 
  • Pool lighting can showcase your pool area and highlight any decorative features you have added to the surrounding area. 

ProTuff Products makes products for any type of pool

Keeping your pool clean and functioning throughout the year will help to extend the overall life of your pool, whether you have an expansive infinity pool or a sleek, simple swim spa. ProTuff Products are designed to help pool owners live easier, stress-free lives. Our products are guaranteed to work, saving you time and money in the long run.

We offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee, so if you are ever unhappy with a ProTuff product, we will replace it, or refund you the purchase price. With ProTuff Products, you can discover just how wonderful the dream of pool ownership can be – without any hassle or frustration. Visit our storefront on Amazon to pick up all the essentials that you need, such as a pool pole and net to keep your pool water free of debris or a set of stainless steel pool pole hangers to keep your backyard oasis free of clutter. Contact us or subscribe to our Weekly Pool Tips Newsletter to learn more.

Disclaimer: Pool ownership and maintenance are very complicated, and we know every situation is unique. While we’ve done our best to cover the best practices here, we encourage you to reach out to ProTuff directly at [email protected] with any specific questions you may have.



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